The Definition of Cool

by Fenn is cool

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Welcome (welcome to the show) To the show (you are listening to Fenn is cool) And thank you (thank you for buying this album) For buying (it is much appreciated) This album There are lots of others You could’ve bought But you didn’t So thank you For buying this one A good one I think so You are cool and so am I Let’s be cool Together
Vertigo 02:34
And I I don’t have a lot of fear Another day another year I don’t have a lot of fear But when I’m on a roof and near a wall I get the feeling I will fall That’s when I start to lose it all And in the darkness of the night I watch TV Channel two And in the darkness of the night I watch TV Me and you And I I am never not prepared But when I’m walking up the stairs On my neck I feel the hairs And I I am a scholar and a gent I’ll give you every compliment When I’m on bridges I can faint And in the darkness of the night I watch TV Channel two And in the shadow of the night I watch TV Me and you
I watch movies I watch TV and then I obsess about people I see If I could be I would be just like them Rich and famous like them Not a nothing person So important like them Not a waste of a person That would be the best Some fantasies are never realised Some dreams are stupid They should be left Unsaid Or never remembered If Chris Pratt and Anna Faris broke up How can people like you and I look for love? We’re not worthy to kiss the ground below Their perfect feet in a row Look at a photograph later My friend says I should do blow Maybe that would be good I don’t even know “There’s nothing lame about ambition.” That’s what I say so that I can feel good about Myself It’s hell Keep it together Eat some fruit, Fenn You need to chill and not let it get to your head You’re not that hot You’re a six out of ten With a weird ass name - Fenn “Well, actually it was grandma’s last name before she was married… I think it’s Irish or Scottish. Yeah. It means bog.”
So Do You 02:27
Got home yesterday At 2am, a little late, Thought of what to make Two fried eggs, a little cake I am a stranger to the danger of the world I have curls like a pre-Raphaelite girl And I’m always running late I took the train the other way Got out of the gate Before I realised my mistake I am a hopeless little person though i’m tall I won’t call Unless I take a fall And if someone asks I’m feeling Great to be away From busy people everyday And when they go to pay They use their watches anyway I am a function of the system I am in I can’t sing Unless I put my finger in My ear and really listen to the sound I start to make Looking stupid, feeling great Written on my grave In cursive font and music staves Talking a lot of shit about myself today Really I think I’m great and so do you
I'm So Cool 02:45
I am cool, I am so very cool, I am so cool So cool I am so cool, I am so cool So cool, I am so very cool I am so cool, so cool I am so cool, I am so What is cool? Cool is knowing who you are It’s hard And I think I’ve just begun to start To start Living my life the way I like That’s right Have not felt this good for years and years No fear I wish that I was a child so I could smile when people fart Adults tend to think that I am smart I’m cool, I am so very cool, I am so cool So cool I am so cool, I am so cool So cool, I am so very cool, I am so cool So cool I am so cool, I am so cool Yeah right I sleep with the light on at night I might Have been a meerkat in another life No strife I don’t watch horror movies I keep things light I never fight How do we know what we do is right? I’m cool, I am so very cool, I am so cool So cool I am so cool, I am so cool So cool, I am so very cool, I am so cool So cool I am so cool, I am so cool
Cathedral 03:07
He sat opposite me on the couch Said he could not hear the TV I did not listen to him Instead, listened to the sound of the man on my screen “Did you know that In France the cathedrals are nearly 800 years old?” “This one was built by hand, on a foundation of sand” “One hundred years to make, not one mistake.” I look over at him I can’t bear the thought Of him touching her skin to say goodbye I know he’s blind But that’s no excuse Doesn’t stop his eyes burning right into mine So I smile and pretend Everything will all be worthwhile in the end He looks at me and says “Could you help me watch TV?” “Say all the things you see” “Alright”, I say to him “But I might not do such a good job at this I don’t know why It’s unusual to do this I’m used to leaving brain-dead things on in the background There’s a person And a dog They’re entering a cathedral hall And it’s tall Pass your hand Let me draw you a picture so you Can see the lines” For a moment I felt like there was nothing outside of me
Have you ever Felt so alone that you could die? Cos I haven’t And I’m starting to understand why Life is worth living not just for tomorrow Life is so boring and sometimes it’s hard People are bullshit opinions don’t matter It’s so fucking hot this time of year
It’s just funny how Things can fucking turn you around so quick It’s just money now “Won’t make you happy now” - a trick Who said that being broke was fun I hope to god they choke, they’re dumb I don’t expect you to care About my finances anymore than my hair It’s just funny how Things can fucking turn you around nowhere It’s just funny how It’s just money now
Cameron 02:12
Sitting at home with nothing to do So I’m going to write this song for you I get grades but I am not very smart How do we know what to think when we are judging art? I feel like Cameron in Ferris Bueller Looking at a very complex picture I keep on looking but nothing becomes clear Don’t have opinions I am like a sheep Follower, and not so good to eat Wish there could be a way To observe my soul How will I remain the same when I have gotten old? Wandering aimlessly I am lost at sea
Goodbye 01:22


This is a collection of songs that I wrote and recorded over the past year. For ages after finishing university I couldn’t write any music at all. I had studied classical composition but ironically had left feeling burnt out and uninspired. After graduating, I tried a bunch of different things. I worked a crappy job at a supermarket (and quit); I did stand up a few times (and bombed); I played drums in my best friend’s band (and still do).

One day, I started writing pop songs again, something I hadn’t done in years. At first, every song I wrote had the same lyrics: “I am cool” repeated ad infinitum. I couldn’t treat anything I made as serious enough to write actual lyrics. Eventually, I got over my hang ups and what eventuated were embarrassingly accurate indicators of my life and my personality. Unrealistically ambitious (“I Want To Be Rich and Famous”), hopeless at everyday tasks (“So Do You”), happy-go-lucky (“I’m So Cool”), scared of heights (“Vertigo”), the list goes on. The cover I chose is a portrait that my dad painted of me a couple of years ago. I mostly like it because it makes me look more classically handsome than I am in reality. It’s also fitting because I feel like listening to these songs will give you a portrait of my personality, flaws and all.

But what is “The Definition of Cool” I hear you ask? Cool is being happy with who you are; cool is doing what you love; and cool is being honest with yourself. Also it’s me. I’m the definition of cool. Deal with it.

As for the music… Well, if you have a spare 25 minutes you can find out for yourself. Surely you’ve got 25 minutes to spare if you read to the end of this overly long description of an album you haven’t heard by someone you probably don’t even know.

For those of you that dare to dream and actually do listen: congratulations, I love you and I'm in love with you.



released November 6, 2018

Written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Fenn Idle

“I Want To Be Rich and Famous” written by Fenn Idle and Rose Chan
“I’m So Cool” mixed by Fenn Idle and Ciaran Frame

Album artwork by Tom Carment

Very big thanks to Rose, Jac, and Filip.

ZT103 ~ Z Tapes Records ~ 2018


all rights reserved



Fenn is cool Sydney, Australia

I'm cool.

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